Gratuitous New Year Post

WARNING: This Post May Contain Mildly Sappy Content

So. Here we are, in 2012.

At this point, I’ve read enough hopeful tweets for what’s to come and status updates admonishing the year we’ve left behind. Fingers are crossed to either “make this year as amazing as the last” or “take 2011 and LEAVE IT – Worst year EVER”.

I know you have too. No, I’m serious, I do – so I almost hate doing this to you all but let’s be honest: there was no escaping one of these.

At the onset of 2011, I had nothing but high hopes. It was going to be my year: I was single, about to turn 25, had a job that I didn’t entirely loathe, a myriad of super rad, amazing friends, and big plans to move, go back to school, etc. and so on. Then… a bunch of shitty things happened.

Shitty things that I won’t get into, because there’s no point in revisiting any of those incidents. Doing so won’t make me feel better about any of those moments, nor will it win me over any sympathy because frankly, continuous strings of complaints and “oh, poor me’s” are kinda… gross.
So, rather than rattle off all the unfortunate occurrences from the past 12 months I’m gonna focus on the awesome shit that happened this year and share that, instead:

  • I met some amazing people and cultivated some friendships I’m looking forward to enjoying more in the years to come
  • Fixed my shoulder!
  • Successfully conquered a brief addiction to painkillers on my own
  • Got the car of my dreams
  • Was featured in a DVD compilation of Grindhouse films
  • Had a centerfold photo featured in a tattoo magazine distributed in multiple countries (clothed, thankyouverymuch… okay, well, mostly)
  • Started writing for two online publications
  • Saw some of my favorite bands live
  • Spent a few days in NYC with one of my very best friends – the first time I’ve seen her in four years
  • Gained some much needed confidence in a number of areas

And in the coming year I can’t wait to tackle, and subsequently conquer, even more. For example, the following:

  • Cut back on drinking. Like, a lot
  • Prepare and eat completely vegan meals at home and be more aware of what I’m ordering when I’m out
  • Get back in shape and get to/maintain a weight I’m comfortable with
  • Go out with friends more
  • Update this freakin’ thing more often
  • Get a passport and travel abroad
  • Start looking more seriously into getting back to school
  • Curb how much I say “gratuitous” because I seem to say it way too often
  • Get back into modeling

Things get better, friends, and when things aren’t looking up, it’s important to think about all the amazing tidbits that make up your life as it is. If 2011 sucked – forget it. If it ruled – make this year even better, because it’s totally possible and you can absolutely do it. Don’t dwell in the past, or focus on the negative because that’s not going to do anyone – you or the people listening to you complain – any good. As someone I respect, admire, and am outstandingly proud of once said: “It could always be much worse”.

Now shut up, pull up your big girl panties and get the fuck out there. Happy 2012.


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