October Spook-tacular (… not really)

Rogue snow(storm?) aside, October has been a weird month.

Weird in a (mostly?) good way, though leaving me in a constant state of flux. I’ve been both astoundingly active and needlessly bored from one day to the next and unfortunately, I haven’t spent as much time cooking as I would like, let alone try out new recipes. I’m gonna make a promise to myself to create a pumpkin chili I’ve been meaning to whip up for years and never have. This week. Scout’s honor. I’ll try to document it, too.

Mostly, though, I’ve been engrossing myself in music. Not that this is anything new; I tend to go through phases, though, where I’m content to listen to the same thing over and over for a month or more straight. I’m trying to break myself of that habit, and I’d like to share a few of the albums that have been making their way through my laptop speakers, car stereo, ear-buds, etc. as of late:

Black Cobra – Invernal

My love for Black Cobra knows no bounds, it’s true – but listening to their newest album, Invernal had me falling, head over heels, in love all over again, after all these years.

Wolvhammer – The Obsidian Plains

Conversely, Wolvhammer is a newer discovery and quick favorite/obsession. There is literally nothing I do not like, nay… love about this band. Raw, blackened thrash, seasoned to perfection with doom-y notes and charred over a roaring funeral pyre. Delicious.

Dark Castle – Surrender to All Life Beyond Form

Fuck. Yes. This album legit will send chills down your spine. Not a lot of metal bands out there today can do “spooky” so effortlessly and so well. Perfect for blasting, full-volume for all your Halloween-esque activities.

That’s all for now. Happy Halloween, dudes and dude-ladies.


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