It Was the Best of Times, It Was…

Time flies, huh?

Already we’re nearing the close of August and while prior to late July my summer had been, well… a bit lackluster, I seem to have inadvertently packed a great deal of bananas goings-on into a short period of time. Mission accomplished? Potentially. The devil is in the details… so here are some brief highlights with vague side-quips:

– DIY shows! 40 chugging, sweat soaked, smelly, disgusting DIY shows. Fuck yes. Making friends by bringing homemade brownies doesn’t hurt, either. Props to Flying Snakes, The Proselyte, and Ramming Speed (among others) for tearing it up in Brighton and PVD, respectively.

– Having my parked car totaled and then going on a wild goose chase for a rental car all over the North Shore and Boston! (made possible by two of my favorite people ever – love you Adj & Jeff!!)

– Getting my first ever speeding ticket in the rental car!

– Lake Vacation!

– Shit-ton of adorable wildlife interactions!

– Getting rescued in the middle of said lake on a broken catamaran! A quick sailing trip turned “4 hour tour” a la Gilligan’s Island. Actually, fuck that, at least they had an island. It was more like The Perfect Storm.

– Bloody photoshoot! Literally, not figuratively and also not in a British sense…

– NEW (used) CAR!!!

– More shows!!

– Earthquake?! I didn’t feel it, but… it happened?

… and there’s more to come. Fuck yes.

For now, I’m gonna relax with my vodka soda (with extra lime), prefect my recipe for spinach and tofu tacos with homemade “re-fried” beans to relay to y’all (SO amazingly good AND healthy), and probably update this very post with more shit because I feel like I’m forgetting a thing or two or three. Hmmm…


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