Update: I’m Not Dead

So yeah, surgery went well. This past week has been kind of a blur of amazing, life changing sleep and easy to eat food items, as well as a bunch of awesome visitors, each of whom I was super stoked to see. But yeah, I’m here. All slinged-up, probably and unfortunately for the remainder of the summer. Ah well. More nature documentaries (I’m watching one about bears right now!), tv shows that I’ve seen a million times over, and blah blah blah.

I’ll be honest, typing with one hand is one of my new least favorite things, so I’m keeping this short; I just kinda hated leaving this thing unattended after just starting it less than a month ago. Plus, I’m moments away from passing out for the night and probably having some pretty fucked up dreams (painkillers, amiright?). Hopefully about bears. Or this…

Actually, hopefully not. That picture continues to give me the willies.

… and actually hopefully not about bears, at least from this documentary. It’s pretty much a dead and decomposing salmon documentary featuring bears. Wait, now there are seals. And more dead fish. That was the weirdest transition… a bear in a swimming pool! Awwwwww.


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